OCN Guest Blog Piece

Hey, guess what, guys? I wrote my first guest blog post for Orthodox Christian Network’s (OCN) Sounding Blog. It’s a personal piece about my struggles and journey in Orthodoxy. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot, so I was very excited when invited to blog in this space. Hopefully, I will be a contributing blogger there as well. I welcome anyone to comment on the blog! Check it out here: It Takes a Pan-Orthodox Village

It Takes An Orthodox Village

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6 Responses to OCN Guest Blog Piece

  1. Maria Murray says:

    I can relate to your feelings of staying within your ethnic church. I would not think of going outside the Russian church because I thought “Russian Orthodox” was a separate religion. After a long journey, my Irish husband and I serve at a very pan-Orthodox ACROD parish in Manassas, va. I hope you visit us sometime since its not far from DC, the church is called Nativity of Our Lord.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post Christiana!
    Thank you for sharing your personal story, and congratulations on your first guest post.

  3. Maria Christodoulou says:

    Thanks for sharing! Similarly, I only really learned about other Orthodox churches when I was involved with IOCC. It was such a blessing to meet non-Greek Christians and visit the other churches in the dc area. I was really glad I was able to connect people at IOCC events, because otherwise there didn’t appear to be a strong network among the churches to bring people together in a social and spiritual setting outside their respective churches.

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