Santorini Style Dresser DIY

Today I’m going to share the process with this upbeat blue piece. I picked this up at the thrift store, and after seeing this on Pinterest, I planned on making something similar. santorini furnitureI couldn’t locate the same exact paint from the DIY, so I ended up going with Behr no-Voc in Navy Blue in a flat finish. I primed with Zinnser white primer. santorini furniture diy Rather than rewriting Twice Lovely’s DIY, I will direct you to the link here. She places Vaseline over the white wet paint where she wanted it to seep through the blue. Of course I didn’t have a regular size Vaseline, so I used this lip gloss that I had in my purse for ages. santorini diy furniture 2 I thought for sure it wouldn’t work. After painting two blue coats, I was so disappointed with the color. I wanted something deeper and darker with more hints of purple as shown. I might as well have turned back time and given it to the Smurfs!santorini diy furniture 3 I forgot about the Vaseline, and I started sanding like crazy and lo and behold, all those white streaks were seeping through. There was hope! I ended up adding a few streaks with a paintbrush after sanding the previous ones. santorini diy furniture 4 I primed and painted the drawers white using Behr no-Voc in Swiss Coffee white and then sanded the corners down to give it an aged look. I used a medium sanding block from Home Depot. When you’re trying to give something an aged look by sanding it, make sure you sand it in places where it would naturally age.

I wanted to add a bit more pizzazz to the piece, so I used a Martha’s Stewart stencil that I found on sale at Michael’s. I blue taped it and used a cheap sponge paint brush and lightly dabbed it with white paint. When you put the paint on to the sponge brush, make sure that there is very little paint on the sponge so that it does not seep through the stencil. Don’t worry about completely covering up all the stencil spaces with paint. It will just look more shabby if you don’t fill it in completely. santorini furniture diy 5santorini diy furniture 6 Lastly, I spray painted the original handles with Rustoleum metallic silver. Voila! The picture makes it look a bit more yellow than the real color. 20130729-131134.jpg

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2 Responses to Santorini Style Dresser DIY

  1. Courtney says:

    I was really looking for a deep, bright blue for our bedroom and you just helped me find it. Thanks so much!

    Dresser looks great by the way (:

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