Gold and Blue End Table

Today I’m going to share how I added a little shabby-chic antiqueness to this end table that started out a dark brown. First, I love working with pieces that have detail already built into the structure. Even if I painted this all white, it would still look great because the shape has such character. before For the colors, I absolutely love gold. My god-mother has gold splashed all over her home, and it brings such a traditional look to each piece. I wanted something that was barely blue, and after finding this blue DIY piece on Pinterest, I decided that would be the blue. I use Behr no-VOC (non-toxic) paint on all my pieces. Even if this means that the paint will not last longer than something with more chemicals, I really don’t care. Our health is more important than paint chipping away, right? So, I went up to the Home Depot paint counter and requested the no-VOC version of Benjamin Moore “Thunderbird.” Home Depot can match almost any paint (some brands excluded) if they have it in their index, which I didn’t know until recently. paint materialspainting on vintage sheetsSteps: Since the piece so many crevices, I started by just sanding the top of the piece with a fine sanding block. I then turned it upside down and sprayed a coat of white Zinsser primer on it, let it dry, turned it over and sprayed the primer on top as well. Once the primer was dry, I turned it upside down and spray painted it all gold. I let it dry and did one more coat. (Make sure and wear a mask when you spray paint because all those fumes can get to you). After a couple days, I turned it over and painted the top blue twice, allowing each coat to dry in between. Something still looked missing, so I painted the tiny feet blue as well. I used blue tape right above the blue feet, just to keep it a somewhat straight line for the feet. I then finished by applying some wax on a dry towel and wiping it all over the piece. shabby chic end tableNow, we will see if it will sell. Please let me know if you’re interested in buying it! It will be selling at a local thrift store in Washington D.C., which I will share my partnership story soon.

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One Response to Gold and Blue End Table

  1. Nina says:

    Looks amazing! I wish you were still in SoCal so I could hire you to refurb the Duncan Phyfe dining set I inherited from my yiayia!

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